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If you are looking for ways of expanding your business, increasing profitability and having more internet presence, we can help hire an app developer for your business.

Why do you need an app for your business?

A mobile application or 'App' is a software program customized as per your requirements that can run on mobile phones. Customers can download these applications from the application store and connect with you directly from all parts of the world.

Mobile apps have more engagement and retention when compared to websites and help in:

  • Direct engagement with your customers.
    Through your business app, you can directly stay in contact with all your existing and potential customers and provide better customer support.
  • Helps you create a personalized space for interaction with the customers.
    You can hire an app developer who will help you develop an App that will serve as a personal wall which provides a more personalized user experience.
  • Vigorous testing procedures.
    We at Digital Glyphs, offer you a user-friendly, bug-free app that runs through meticulous testing procedures for safety and virus threats.
  • Why hire our app developers?
    There are a lot of advantages to hiring an app developer in India for your business. They will not help in the brand building for your product, but will also provide you with better engagement with your customers.
  • Zero error coding.
    Our highly trained app developers will provide you with virus-protected coding with zero errors in functioning.
  • Agile development team.
    Our trained professionals will work together to create a highly-functional app and ensure its delivery on time to our customers.
  • Hire an app developer of your choice.
    You can choose from a list of skilled professionals that is available on your website and hire an App developer of your choice.
  • Skilled app developers.
    Our highly trained professionals will provide you with an application with the latest updates and backhand software. We aim to develop an app with highly optimized technologies.
  • High-quality app development.
    Our team will work together meticulously to deliver high-quality apps on a committed schedule.
  • No communication problems and on time commitment delivery.
    Save yourself from the hassle of hiring and training a software engineer, by Hiring A professional App developer. Our professional team will contact you regarding all the information and requirements related to your app and build a perfect design customized for all your needs and will stay in touch with you regarding the development process and updates with no communication gap.

The process of building an app by our trained professionals.

  • Explain the requirements and scope of your project.
  • Selection of candidates best fit for the project.
  • Interview of the assigned candidates.
  • Assignment of tasks and projects accordingly.

Our expertise in mobile development apps.

Our highly trained professionals will provide you with their expertise in-

  • Customized web applications.
    We can help you generate good website design and functioning that will generate a user-friendly experience with advanced safety features.
  • Customized mobile applications.
    We can help you develop mobile applications for your business that will provide a more personalized user experience and that are compatible with different software.
  • API and app generation.
    Hire our highly trained App developers that will provide you with the most secure and API integrated App.
  • Custom E-commerce and M-commerce websites.
    Our experts will help in the development of E-commerce and M-commerce websites that are highly secured using UX and UI technologies.
  • Good data handling capacity.
    Our teams together have delivered hundreds of projects assigned and have a high functioning capacity and expert training enabling them to handle more data efficiently.

You can also hire our highly skilled professional app developers who have expertise in-

  • PHP
  • Python
  • Laravel
  • Mean stack.
  • DevOps.
  • Mern stack.
  • Web developers.
  • Golang.

We also provide expertise in Microsoft technologies-

  • .net
  • Xamarin
  • SharePoint.
  • Sitecore

Java and JavaScript.

  • Java
  • Angular JS
  • Node JS
  • Vue JS
  • React JS

Blockchain and machine learning technology.

  • Blockchain
  • Machine learning.
  • Chatbot
  • Ethereum
  • Hyperledger
  • Smart contracts.
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Crypto exchange.

Maintenance of your business mobile app.

Maintaining your mobile applications is very important as they will help in positive customer engagement. Any bugs and viruses that are not constantly fixed promote uninstall and a negative customer experience.

  • Reduce the number of uninstalls by regularly monitoring the requirements and expectations of your app.
  • We help you provide a consistent user-friendly experience that will help you build loyalty with your customers. We provide you with UX and UI security technology that ensures safe and easy online transactions.
  • Through regular updates, you can Increase the ROI gradually which will provide you with the financial benefits.
  • We will also help maintain and secure your app from possible cyber threats and will continuously update the app with the latest security features.

A mobile app has many advantages over traditional websites. If you are looking for ways of expanding your business and more personal customer engagement, our professional team at Digital Glyphs will help you hire highly skilled app developers that will provide you with a mobile app using the latest technology and updates consistent maintenance for any cyber threats. CONTACT us TODAY.


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