SEO | 14 September, 2020

6 simple reasons you need a new website 2020

You have a website but are you still confused if you need a new one or not? Below I am adding 6 simple reasons why you need a complete new website.

Not mobile friendly: A responsive design is a must nowadays. You have to make sure your website runs great across different viewports like mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop. Industry is now working mobile first designs because internet usage has increased in the recent times. Almost 55% of the traffic on your website comes from mobile. You see the importance on this. Also, mobile friendly validation has become important from the seo ranking perspective as well.

Website speed is slow: In order to retain the visitors, you have to make sure that your website loads instantly. The latest research shows that the page load time between 1-3 seconds give a bounce rate of approx 30 percent; 1-5 at 90 percent; more then 5 second gives a bounce rate of 106%. You can see how critical these stats are. If your website is too slow then you are missing a lot of potential customers. We can help you with website speed optimization. Contact us.

Not ranking well on google: There are a lot of points which affect the website ranking’s. See here how we have explain about some basic checklist that you need to follow to increase the rankings.

Difficult to update content: At Digital glyphs we make sure that every website that we do  has a backend. A very simple and user friendly backend. We also offer video tutotrials as well to all our clients when the project is done and migrated to the live server. You can see one of our happy client: CBS India

Design not good: You need to keep your website update to date. Do you think your website doesn’t match with brand? Then you definitely need a new website. Logo, colors and fonts should match your brand. We at Digital glyphs spent good amount of time on these initial requirements. See one of client’s work Fatmangovideos.

Navigation and flow of the website is not right? : Complicated navigation, lack of CTA buttons, inaccessible content, bad sitemap or poor content management. Good user experience means less bounce rate, which means more potential clients. So think wisely.

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