Magento Websites | 14 September, 2020

Steps to Build Crazy Magento Sites

Magento is no wonder the no. 1 site to build your eCommerce platform. It has been appreciated by all the users over the time frame magento has served to its clients. Companies like Nike, Ford, Samsung and others also prefer Magento as their way out when it comes to digital store.

However, if you are new to the eCommerce world, using magento might be an issue for you because it doesn’t turns out to be as easy as other competitors in the market. Therefore, we are going to list down some of the steps which you need to follow in order to build the best ecommerce platform for your project possible. Digitalglyphs always stands by its customer.

Step 1. Choose Magento Theme

Theme is one of the prominent players when you are making your new site. You need to make sure that no other person has the same theme or the same layout which you’re planning for. Digitalglyphs is one of the best options to go for when it comes to Magento Theme Designs. They bring in a variety of options which you can choose from. Apart from it, once a client has chosen a particular theme, they take it down making it unavailable for others and giving the complete exclusivity to their clients.

Things like 100% responsiveness, cross-border compatibility, modern slider, parallax, RTL support and blog functionality are to be kept in mind while choosing a particular Magento theme.

Step 2. Installation

Once, you’re done with the theme selection, you need to pickup the right hosting provider for your ecommerce platform. Selecting a hosting provider can depend on several factors like the different software it comes in with.

Step 3. Install Magento and Template

Well, in this very step one needs to work the hardest as this will be the phase where one will be creating the e-store he/she wants. You need to download the preferred version of engine by visiting the Magento Tech Resources.

Step 4. Configure your Store

Picking the right style for your e-store is a mandatory and crucial step at the same time because it involves a lot of hard work and creativity at the same time. One need to go to the Content Section in order to find the right configuration for their page and you’re good to go.

Well, all of the steps above where just an overview of what’s needed to be done. It involves a huge amount of hard work and efforts which can’t be explained in words. Thankfully, Digitalglyphs provides you Magento Design, Design to Web and other services which will reduce your hard work and time and get you the best at the same time.

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