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What Exactly Are SEO Services and What Do SEO Companies Offer?

An SEO agency will often provide SEO services to assist your organization in achieving Search Engine Optimization success. You focus on results that are relevant to your company, goods, services, or industry. SEO necessitates a high level of understanding because search engines like Google analyze over 200 factors when evaluating a website’s grade or position in search results. That is why SEO services are very important and are availed by plenty of companies to maximize their profits and rank on search results.

What is the Purpose of an SEO Agency? 

Many business owners are unaware of what goes on at an SEO agency, so they assume that they wear multiple hats all day. Let’s start with what exactly SEO is. SEO entails a common practice that is used to improve a website’s search ranks and boost its online visibility. A company should use a reputable SEO firm because 93% of an online consumer’s experiences begin with a search engine, out of which 47% of users choose one of the first three results.

There are two major forms of SEO in the internet world: black-hat SEO and white-hat SEO. White-hat SEO boosts search ranks by putting in genuine work and data. Black-hat SEO entails shady approaches that can propel you to the top of the search results, but only for a limited time; these tactics are usually detrimental to your long-term online presence.

What exactly does white-hat SEO entail? There are about 200 criteria that go into making a page rank high on Google’s search results, but the ones that matter the most and center around white-hat SEO include:

  • Whether your website is safe or not (HTTPS vs. HTTP)
  • If your website is mobile-friendly or not
  • How quickly your website’s pages load
  • Whether the schema markup on a website is correct (type of website code)
  • The content quality of your web pages
  • The content length of your web pages
  • Whether social signals are pointing back to your website
  • Backlinks referring to your website that are of high quality
  • Whether or not your web pages have optimized images
  • The user’s search intention

​​​​​​​Our SEO Services Includes

We deploy a few key SEO services and specific tactics to affect the components described above. In most cases, a competent SEO company will include the following in their SEO contract:

  • Analyzing a website’s content as well as its conversion rate.
  • Online examination of off-page content
  • Website code and structure optimization
  • Onsite content optimization
  • Off-page factors should be optimized

Analysis of website structure

While Google and the other major search engines emphasize that you should design your sites for users rather than search engines, let’s face it: if you ever want to gain traction for your website, it needs to be structured properly for the engines to read. The following are some of the things our web team looks for:

Is it HTTP or HTTPS?

Your website is safe because of the “s” at the end of HTTPS. Even if you don’t accept credit card payments online, you should have a safe site because Google prioritizes websites that are secure in its search results.

Analytics Setup

We seek current analytics monitoring, and if it doesn’t exist, we set it up so we can better track where your leads and sales are coming from. This makes it easier for you to get the most useful results.


This is the file that prevents search engine crawlers from indexing and crawling pages on your website that you don’t wish to be visible to the public.

Errors on the website

These give search engines the impression that your site is untrustworthy and thus unworthy of a premium listing spot. 4XX errors, duplicate page content, duplicate title tags, missing title tags, and crawlers prohibited by Robots.txt are all common issues.

Status: indexed

Search crawlers (like Google’s spiders) have discovered indexed sites and determined that they are of sufficient quality for relevant search terms. Pages that have been indexed will show up in search results, bringing organic traffic to your website.


Your XML sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website that you want to be indexed by a search engine (not to be confused with the robots.txt).

Page loading time

Search engines value user experience because they recognize that people are impatient. This is why your website’s speed is a factor in how high it ranks.


Duplicate title tags, meta descriptions, and site content can harm search engine rankings and click-through rates. You’ll have a better chance of being seen on the SERPs if your meta elements are improved.

Conversion rates

When calculating conversion rates, we check for bottlenecks in the user experience and content that may be throttling leads. For instance, we’ll A/B test several contact forms or links to see which ones work best for your business.

On-Page Content Optimization

Content reigns supreme. It is not a one-and-done effort to keep your website up to date. You don’t just construct landing pages, publish them, and call it a day. You must regularly create fresh content and optimize current pages on your website to consistently generate organic traffic to it. The Blue Corona SEO team will:

  • Identify duplicate content that should be removed or rewritten
  • Use keywords in the names of your pages to help Google rank them
  • To underperforming landing pages, add well-written, keyword-rich material
  • Make fresh landing pages to attract more people
  • To encourage more visitors to convert, add photos, format text, and change colors

So, whether you’re looking for the finest global SEO firm or the best local SEO company, think about how you want to appear on the internet. Do you want people to think of your business as a rip-off because your marketing team is not as competent as you would like? Do you want my website to be a reflection of your company, or do you want it to be a reflection of your vision? If you’re interested in the latter, get in touch with Digital Glyphs and our SEO specialists right away.

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