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Why Do E-commerce Startups Choose Shopify for Online Store Development?

Are you thinking of starting an e-commerce startup? In the wake of digitalization, customers have been opting for online shopping. The Covid pandemic has drastically changed the scenario of the market. People are getting more inclined towards digital stores.

If you are an entrepreneur thinking of entering the e-commerce market, it is imperative to understand the importance of online store development. One of the most famous e-commerce platforms powering millions of stores is Shopify. Shopify is the most preferred platform because of its easy-to-use store development program. It is economical for all the startups that are commencing with their seed capital. The program lets your store get a platform online as speedily as within 45-60 days.

Shopify has the potential to ensure optimum user experience and maximum performance. They offer dedicated developers, clean mode, multi-tiered quality checks, and customized web design, making it a complete solution for your e-commerce store. Before going over how important Shopify is ideal for your business, what is this e-commerce tool?

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a leading e-commerce floor that engages millions of stores. It offers web development programs that make your e-commerce store viable. It plays a major role in boosting the expansion that is necessary for any e-commerce store.

It is an e-commerce stage that allows budding entrepreneurs to sell their products from the existing site. It acts as a host to one’s online store and attracts enough traffic to expand one’s store.

The need for e-commerce store development

One might wonder why it is important to have store development services. Store development services are necessary for any store to kickstart its digital journey.

  • Affordable and pre-existing site for products
  • Avoid online store hassle
  • Minimize the level of configuration
  • Let professionals handle technicalities regarding hosting and development of e-commerce store

If you need a successful digital store with a good customer base and the aid of experts, Digital Glyphs provides revenue-generating online stores for various niches of businesses.

Why is Shopify the key to a successful e-commerce store?

According to the Shopify statistics, 1.75 merchants sell their products through Shopify, and 1.59 live websites use the platform. Due to the pandemic, the popularity of this platform has increased manifold. There are many reasons Shopify is the option for your e-commerce startup; some prominent ones have been mentioned below:

  • Easy setup and use: Entrepreneurs just entering the world of business are generally not aware of the technical obstacles they will face in handling and managing their e-commerce store. Shopify has mitigated the need for technical expertise to operate one’s website and provides an online stage for non-coders. It has made running e-commerce stores as simple as merely registering on the Shopify website.
  • The Shopify store is easy to use with its customized web design, as clients can easily upload their products’ images and descriptions.
  • The user can easily handle orders and manage supply.
  • Secure and reliable: With cybercrimes at their peak, there are risks of store hacking. It is essential to secure your e-commerce store as it has confidential information about not only the admin but various purchasers of the site.

    Shopify provides the solution with its sound security system. It provides strong web hosting, which allows administrators to focus on their business effectively.

  • Easy product management: Stores having lots of products to offer often become a hassle to manage. With Shopify web development, you can deal with a wide variety of products. It provides perfect integration of each product with an option to edit each.
  • Reliable payment gateway: Payment gateways should always be reliable. Customers prefer e-commerce platforms that provide utmost security with payment with no glitches. Shopify maintains a safe payment gateway. It offers several payment choices to its customers. We can conveniently pay Shopify stores through practically any electronic means.
  • Mobile application: Shopify also provides a mobile application that offers customers the ease to shop from anywhere, anytime. It has built a highly responsive mobile application that is frequently revised according to the needs of the consumers.

Their technical efforts leave entrepreneurs to concentrate on their business and store performance. This pre-managed setup allows entrepreneurs to leverage their sales.

  • Affordable web development program: Every startup starts with limited capital and struggles to raise finances for their investments. For such startups, Shopify is the perfect business solution. Shopify offers affordable pricing starting from as little as $ 29.

    They have various levels of pricing plans which range from basic to premium. Entrepreneurs can select any program according to their requirements. It can be rightfully said that Shopify is one of the most affordable online website development solutions for beginners.

  • Highly responsive customer support: Entrepreneurs have to manage their shops and resolve consumers’ inquiries, which becomes a massive load. In the end, they compromise the performance of the store.

Shopify provides active 24×7 support to customers. They provide several modes like chat, email, and call. According to Statista, Shopify customers highly contend with the responsive and timely support system.

  • Direct marketing tools:  Shopify focuses on providing entrepreneurs with an advertising edge. A basic package of Shopify provides SEO features that enable your store to rank higher in the search engines.
    Along with that, it offers advanced e-commerce analytics tools that allow you to know how customers are finding your products and what is the performance of the inbound marketing efforts applied. Shopify provides additional marketing tools like email marketing, social network integration, discount codes, and so on.
  • Customized web application: Shopify allows you to choose from over 1000+ free themes. You can also make customized edits with HTML and CSS to make your web application more appealing.

Start your Shopify journey with Digital Glyphs

Digital Glyphs is a leading web development company that provides Shopify website development services. We develop sales-focused websites that are quick and easy to use. We have established leading business stores for diverse businesses with years of proficiency.

If you are considering starting an e-commerce startup, share your requirements and get the best solutions for your store.

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