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Ecommerce Website Design Trends to follow in 2022

In the world of web design, things are always changing and growing. As online shopping grows in popularity, we’ve been keeping an eye out for the latest e-commerce website design trends. Despite the fact that not every design trend will be appropriate for your business, it is important to know what buyers may be seeking in the year 2022.

Motion graphics & Animated GIFs

The use of animations and cinemagraphs in e-commerce website design will increase significantly in 2022. In order to add movement and visual appeal to otherwise drab and stagnant pages, animations and GIFs are an excellent choice.

E-commerce companies are taking advantage of the latest craze, which is the usage of cinemagraphs. A cinemagraph is a static image with a little animation effect applied to it in post-production. Users get a tiny video experience with this effect, and it looks stunning. In addition, e-commerce websites utilize eye-catching visual designs for CTA buttons, button spins, icon rotations, and loading bars.

The Material Design

Material design is pretty popular right now, and many well-known e-commerce sites, like Bewakoof, have adopted it and used it to their fullest design potential. Material design is a bright, modern, and content-focused style of design that looks simple. In this design, shadow effects and some ideas about movement and depth uses to make clean, beautiful interfaces that look more real to the user.

If you want to get ideas for material design, here’s a website that does it well, or you can talk to a web design company. Material design used well on “Behance” with boxes that stand out from the grid and a shaded background that adds depth and gets people’s attention. Our ecommerce website design team is here to assist you in implementing these sorts of e-commerce design trends on your website

Hamburgers on the Left

This style of site design has been around for a while and looks like it will continue to be popular far into the year 2022. Hamburger menus have become so ubiquitous that you may have noticed them on a number of different websites. Bootstrap, one of the most extensively used frameworks, has hamburger menus as an essential component.
Sites built with Bootstrap 3 Navbar always have hamburger menus on the right-hand side of the navigation bar. Menu placement will undergo a small but significant modification in 2022 in order to improve user engagement. Sites are now using the left side of the navigation to place their hamburger menus rather than the right.

Users will see the hamburger menu first now that it has redesigned to be more prominent. In addition to Google and many other well-known websites, many more have begun using the hamburger menu on the left side of the navigation bar to draw the user’s attention right away.

Multifarious Images

92.6 percent of individuals believe that engaging graphics is a key aspect in making a buying choice, according to a recent study. It’s going to be all about the photos for e-commerce websites in order to provide the best possible user experience. Engaging photos provide viewers with a visual treat and are critical to keeping them interested in your content.
When it comes to making a “first impression,” Malcolm Gladwell (a well-known author and speaker) says that it takes just two seconds. There are just two fantastic seconds in which a store’s proprietors may leave a lasting impression. All of us are familiar with the fact that photographs pique the interest of the public. When it comes to user attention, a site with a lot of high-quality graphics and animations is more likely to get a decent amount than a site that is just focused on text. The importance of content cannot overstate, yet excessive amounts of material can make a site appear uninteresting and deter visitors.

In 2022, e-commerce websites will begin to use several pictures in their visual stories in order to keep customers interested.

Long Scrolls and Lazy Loading

Finally, ecommerce sites will see a rise in the use of lengthy scrolling and slow loading. In the past, to see more goods, a user had to click on the next page each time, which slowed down their browsing experience and took a long time to load.

Adding a large number of products/items on the current page in order to avoid loading a new page is becoming more popular in order to improve the user experience and website speed. Pages that scroll to considerable lengths and slow loading might observe as a result of this.

An e-commerce site’s product category page is a nice illustration of this. If you think it’s required, you can hire a Magento e-commerce development business. A product category page may generally show ten things, but when the user scrolls or swipes vertically, the page will keep adding more products. There are at least 50-100 items that a customer can view before having to start over. E-commerce website design will dominate by long page scroll designs in 2022.


Businesses that do e-commerce are exciting about how technology is getting better, and more and more businesses are taking advantage of what is possible in 2022. This includes using AI chatbots to help people find what they want quickly and easily. Using augmented reality (AR) to help customers see what their purchases will look like in their own homes. This is huge, and we can only see this becoming more popular as a way to help get rid of the feeling of limits when shopping online. Especially for big-ticket items for your home.

Currys in the UK is one of the companies doing this that has impressed me the most. They even have a separate website where you can download an app for your Android or Apple device that lets you point and place items in your house. Now you can see how these appliances will look in your own home before you buy them.

Adding Vaporwave Aesthetics

Everyone remembers Clippy, the cute Microsoft assistant, with fondness. When we think about these kinds of design elements, we get strong feelings of nostalgia. In the same way, Vaporwave (images, music, and consumer culture from the 1980s and 1990s) will be a part of e-commerce website design trends in 2022. It has elements from the 1980s and 1990s, such as psychedelic typography, neon pastel color schemes, and color blending in a gradient. If you want the style to be bold, you can just pick a few elements and change them to fit your e-commerce brand.

Use soft colors to add warmth

Often, websites use bright colors to make them stand out. But not only bright colors can make something look good. In e-commerce website design, pastel colors like Pastel will become more popular in 2022. This tone will give your site light and fun feel. Keep in mind that it can be hard to use pastel colors correctly, and if you don’t, your website will look clear. So, you can hire a professional web designer to make sure the colors and tones work well together.

The last word

Every time a new trend in e-commerce website design emerges, we get a thrill. The e-commerce trends of 2022 will be speedy, clean, and visually appealing. Keep up with various website design trends to ensure the success of your online business. If you’re looking for e-commerce website design trends for 2022, you’ll find that the majority of them are good and fashionable ideas that will help your customers trust you and lead them to make purchases.

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