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What are the Custom WordPress Development Services Trending These Days?

Having a digital presence these days is very important for your business. With the constant changes in web designing trends, WordPress developers are trying to be up-to-date so that your website is more user-friendly and has rich typography. It is advised to hire a WordPress development company to make a website for your company rather than do it yourself. If you want to build a WordPress website and are confused about what features to include to make your website stand out from others-

Trending WordPress Designs

Drag and Drop Builder

The drag-and-drop builder comes at the number one position in custom WordPress development. With this, the WordPress developer and the business owner can customize the design by building a website without code experience. This functionality allows the designer to look at exactly how the webpage looks. The drag-and-drop feature is the most preferred method of editing because it allows anyone with no coding experience to build a webpage or website without any complications. Still, it is better to hire a WordPress website development agency to ease your work.


Technological advancement has increased the demand for user-friendly websites and web applications. Integrating virtual assistants or chat bots is necessary for any website. They allow you to be available throughout the website to solve and record your customer’s issues. This functionality helps you engage with potential customers. The advanced chat bot will help you record and solve user queries with predefined frequently asked questions. WordPress plugins allow you to use multiple functionalities like live chat, chat bots, email integration, and messenger. They can even be programmed to record the answer to common questions related to a specific service.

Content Accessibility

Suppose you have a website to make it accessible to everyone. The legal requirement of the US Section 508 requires companies to make electronic and information technology accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities, while developing, procuring, maintaining, and even using the website. You can use some accessibility features such as oversize text, minimalist menus, audiovisuals, specific colour contrast for partially visually disabled people, readability, animation, and effects to make your website more accessible to all users. These plugins can make a website more comprehensive and unique. They even give you a chance to connect with a broader user base.

Interactive Conversion Options

The chat bots help the customers to communicate their problems with the customer service agent but do not guarantee to sustain the customer. This problem has led to an interactive solution of introducing the CTA design. An interactive CTA contains dynamic options such as call us now. WordPress makes it easier for users to connect with the customer support team immediately. This can minimize lead bounce rate and improve conversion. The WordPress plugins help to create interactive CTA designs.

Voice Search

The popularity of Siri, Google Assistant, and other voice-activated virtual assistants have become a trend. WordPress developers have started to integrate voice search into their websites. It has become a trend since 2020 and is followed by many companies’ eCommerce websites. This function will help you set up your SEO more accurately, and you can set the exact keyboard for the users to choose the right words. Well-known companies rely on WordPress website design for their business.

Progressive Web Application(PWA)

Progressive web applications (PWA) are one of the most emerging trends in WordPress development. Such web applications work like native applications that you do not have to download. This feature’s primary function is to serve both mobile platforms simultaneously. This technique consumes less storage on the user’s mobile, and they can save the web app to their home screen without installation. The critical element of the progressive web application includes :

  • They are discoverable, so the web contents can be found through search engines whenever they use sources for a specific service.
  • They are also specially designed with the response feature to be accessed on any device.
  • They are linkable by sharing the URL
  • They are partially dependent on the network, which means when the device is offline or has a poor network connection, it will not affect the website performance significantly.

Parallax Effect

The parallax effect was introduced in early 2020 and is still shining. This technique is designing the website’s background that moves slower than the foreground when the user scrolls the website from top to bottom. In the background, the designer can use videos or images related to the business’s services. Many companies use this website feature to flash their new products and give a spectacular 3D effect to the users.

AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality came into action in 2020. it is dominant in the classic web design trends. It will change the scope and shape of the future of web development. E-Commerce business owners are also using this trend to visualize their products in VR functionality. Plugins allow you to build a website with an AR effect which enhances the user experience and makes it seamless.

By using VR in your WordPress website design, you can make it easier for the users to focus on the real content and open up possibilities for interaction. It even strengthens the trust of your users with demo-like elements.

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