SEO | 14 September, 2020

How to improve organic traffic on new website: 10 Tips

Seo has become an important part of the website development process. Search engine optimization is really good for business visibility and can bring your business more leads. To help you with this, we have prepared a basic SEO checklist. Let’s start:

1. Long-tail keywords: This is one of the most important tasks in this checklist. If you have not done this then all the other points can be a complete waste. Don’t just go with the most popular keywords. You need to perform keyword research to the best keywords that suit your target audiences. You can use google keyword planner or keyword generator for the same. Choose keywords based on volumes and competitions. Once you have your primary keywords done, create a content development plan that will boost your content, and help you find your ideal customers.

2. Quality content: Quality always beats quantity. Try not to copy content from other websites. Create your content which is easy to read and useful for the readers. Also, try to use primary keywords based on the website page. Break the content in short paragraphs and add interlinks as well.

3. Meta title and description: Meta title and description help search engines to understand the content on the web pages and index them based on the primary keywords that you have used. Prepare a bespoke meta title and description which contains relevant keywords for each page of the website. Just make sure the meta title should be less than 70 characters and the meta description should be less than 160 characters. It is a very simple task but it is very effective.

4. Https Secure Website: Having an SSL security is a must now. You may lose a lot of users because of that security warning message that we get when the website is not SSL secure. It not only increases the user trust but also helps to boost SEO ranking as well. Here are some good SSL providers in the market:

5. Speed of the website: You need to make sure that your website loads fast. The first impression is the last. Reasons why speed is important:
– Page speed is one of major SEO ranking factors
– Fast websites are easier to crawl
– Less bounse rates
– Better user experience

You can check your website on google page insights OR GTmetrix. Now, what all things can be done to improve the website score:
– Optimize images
– Minify js and css
– Leverage caching
– Proper image scaling
– Nicely written code
– Implementing CDN

6. Robots.txt: Robots.txt simply tells the search engine crawlers, the pages and parts of the website to index or not to index.  You can generate your robots.txt from any of free tools available online.

7. Sitemap.xml: Sitemap is nothing but a list of URLs which acts as a roadmap for your website that helps google search engine crawlers which pages are important in your website. WordPress provides many plugins that will help you create a dynamic sitemap like Yoast.  Otherwise, you can generate an XML sitemap from one of the free tools available only. You can generate your sitemap.xml using a tool screaming frog. It is a pretty easy task, you just have to add your website URL and then click start. Once, all the crawling is done you can export the sitemap from the top navigation bar of the screaming frog. Now, you just have to the root directory of your website files(public_html).

8. Social media: Add your presence on social media. These platforms won’t directly impact your SEO rankings but they will help you get your business a name on the internet. Please add your website links to your social media accounts. This is the first important thing that you can do.

9. Mobile friendly: Mobile responsiveness is a must at Digitalglyphs. It directly affects both SEO rankings and user experience. In 2019, google switched to mobile-first design indexing. So, you need to make sure that your website validates Google mobile-friendly test and runs for all devices.

10. Seo Friendly URL Structure: SEO friendly URLs structure helps search engines to crawl your pages and it also helps them to understand the content of the web page. It should be simple and easily readable. Makes sure that it doesn’t include any underscores, question mark, file name. It should be something like this: 6 simple reasons you need a new website 2020

Also, try to keep them as short as possible. Short links tend to rank better.

It may look like a lot of work but actually, it is just 3-4 days of a task. You can contact us if you need help to increase some organic traffic on your website.

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