WordPress Websites | 17 September, 2020

3 Reasons why CDN is important for your WordPress Website

Everyone knows, how important is website speed and why should you use a CDN for WordPress to help with your websites improving your loading time?

You’ve probably seen the fac that if the loading time of your website is more than 3 seconds then the bounce rate of the website increases more than 90 percent. And, it directly affects sales. It’s as simple as that. So this the reason why you should always give priority to your website speed.

3 Reasons why you should use a CDN for your WordPress site:

1. Website Will Load Faster with a CDN

This is one of the biggest selling features of installing up a CDN for WordPress. One of the biggest problems of slow loading speed is the distance between your hosting server and the visitor’s location. The more the distance, the more time it takes content to reach your system. Ideally, visitors need to be as physically close to the hosting server as possible.

The very idea of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is exactly that. They provided Distributed data centers. A CDN’s main idea is to set up as many servers as possible in different locations, such that anybody who hits the service is as physically close as possible to one of the locations.

CDN Provider localize the data centers which result in faster uploading and downloading of data

2. Secure with a CDN

All the websites are regularly drowning under bad bot traffic. These bots are constantly drilling your website for vulnerabilities. If you slip slightly in your safety measures, if you have not chosen a good WordPress theme or hosting, or if you miss a WordPress security update or a plugin update then your website will soon be suffering the consequences.

Most CDNs are able to identify and block these bad bots, and making your website safe. It also gives you protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks as well.

3. Website Optimization

When you’re creating a WordPress website then you will have to optimize it fully for best performance. And, to fully optimize it you will have to perform various optimize task like image optimization, minify CSS, minify JS, etc.

Then you will look for an image optimization plugin, a content minification and combination plugin, static and dynamic caching plugin, and other tools. Some plugins do work but then you have to test the complete website to check if everything is in place.

Personally, I’ve found that using plugins is a nightmare. I have tried many of them but not a single actually works.

CDNs actually perform all of the above-mentioned optimizations. Image optimization, file compression, static and dynamic content caching are all built-in features of CDN. Most of these performance optimizations are going to be hard to achieve with your regular WordPress plugin.


Speed is typically the most visible benefit of using a CDN that people will mention. But all the other points like security, performance are also as important as website loading speed.

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