WordPress Websites | 5 May, 2022

Reasons Why WordPress Is The Perfect Solution For Your Small business

Have you ever wondered which website builder would be best for your small business? If you did, you must be feeling perplexed and insecure due to the vast variety of website building options and sites available in the market.

True, they all look the same, but you can’t use all of them. So, what should you really do? Here, the most appropriate thing you can do is to look at the most recent data and market share to determine which one is best. And after looking at the stats, you’ll realise that WordPress is the perfect solution for your business. According to data, WordPress is used by around 26% of small businesses, while its Content Management System (CMS) has 59% of the market share. Sounds impressive, right?

Well, WordPress is clearly the most popular CMS platform even when it first started as a blogging platform. In today’s era, it has fully evolved into a CMS platform. Hence, it has all of the features required to create an efficient website for small businesses.

In this blog, you’ll come to know about WordPress, what makes it the best solution available for small businesses, and why you should go for WordPress website development. Keep reading this page if this topic concerns you.

What is WordPress? 

People who are not fully aware of what WordPress is should know that WordPress is a Content Management System designed specifically for blogging and web development. In other simple words, it’s an SEO-friendly blogging platform with features like tagging, comments, managing links and backlinks, and content classification. So, you can either develop a website on your own or can hire a WordPress website development company for a professional touch.

What makes WordPress stand out among the rest?

Now let’s begin with what makes small businesses choose WordPress, among others. WordPress is ideal for small businesses because of a variety of reasons.

  • Leads to excellent content production, which is vital for inbound marketing.
  • Has thousands of professionally created themes, in which many of those themes are free.
  • Is responsive and compatible with smart mobile devices of all sizes.
  • You don’t need to be an internet expert or a coder to set it up, maintain it, or use it.
  • Is search engine friendly, which can prove crucial for a company’s online success.
  • Last but not least, WordPress is interactive.

7 key reasons why small businesses should prefer using WordPress

WordPress is a reasonable option for small businesses as it gives excellent value without requiring a large investment in a paid solution. Additionally, it does not require extra time to be invested for training because it is straightforward and simple to use. Your small business can obtain a high-quality web presence that rivals large corporations by installing and maintaining WordPress. You can achieve your objectives more effectively with a wide range of themes, plugins, and support.

  • It’s easy to start with WordPress

WordPress provides a free platform for creating web pages and blogs. The fact that WordPress is free makes a huge difference whether you are a small-time web developer or just beginning a new online business. So, if you want to use or develop a domain that you currently own or plan to acquire, you’ll either have to buy a new domain or pay a little amount to connect your old name to WordPress. With the guidance of the WordPress website builder, you can choose from a variety of free and responsive layouts for your website.

  • WordPress is reliable

Another reason why small businesses should prefer WordPress is because it is highly reliable and secure. When it comes to security, WordPress is at the top of the list. WordPress employs a security team that continuously tries to improve the website’s security. They regularly offer updates and security patches, ensuring your site’s safety. Furthermore, several WordPress, theme, and plugin updates with improved functionality are now provided regularly, ensuring that your website is always up to speed on the most recent security precautions against vulnerabilities.

  • WordPress is an open-source development platform

WordPress is an open-source platform, which means you can readily download it and use the codes included in the WordPress Codex online manual. This is a very exceptional and significant benefit that makes WordPress a popular choice among SMEs.

  • WordPress provides 24/7 customer support

You can receive help from the official WordPress staff or the larger WordPress community 24/7. You can even work with WordPress specialists if you require more effective support or wish to sign up for a service package. You just have to use the contact form to contact the community if you require any assistance with your website. It’s important to remember that any platform needs professional maintenance and support, no matter how little or huge. Otherwise, it becomes clogged with faults and errors.

  • Third-party integration is easier with WordPress

Third-party integrations are simple with WordPress, whether you want to add a Google map or show postings from your social media accounts on your small company website. All you have to do now is let the WordPress professionals add functionality to your site using powerful API development and integration services.

  • Website development in real-time

WordPress setup and development are quick, especially when dealing with platforms with a few pages. In less than a week, a small business website may be up and running.

  • WordPress offers unlimited storage

This CMS has no storage limitations, so you can upload as many photographs, videos, documents, and other files as your company website requires.

Get your website developed with Digital Glyphs!

Overall, when it comes to building your online presence, using WordPress for small businesses is an excellent approach to combine quality and convenience.

So, if you’re looking for a WordPress website development company, Digital Glyphs is the perfect option available in front of you. We have a team of experts who can help you achieve your dream of brand building. We’ve been in the industry for a long time and have earned a reputation for being reliable service providers.

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