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Advantages Of Using WordPress CMS For Website Development

We all know that web development is no longer a challenging task in today’s modern world. There are numerous resources available in the market that enable novices and enthusiasts to design websites with little or no technical skills. For instance, tech-savvy users can easily create a simple website, but for a layman, a more appealing design is the most significant factor right? Well, the resources are insufficient in this case, and WordPress comes to the rescue by making things very simple.

Yes, there are a number of Content Management Systems in the market presently, but none are as popular as WordPress. WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) created by the WordPress Foundation and written in PHP with a MySQL database.

Now the question might arise: what in the midst of the CMS market’s strong rivalry makes WordPress stand out? Well, in this blog, you’ll read all about WordPress CMS. Furthermore, you’ll read about the advantages of using WordPress CMS for website development. So, read this blog further without any delay.

Concept of website development

Let’s begin with the definition of website development. So, in simple words, web development is the process of creating and maintaining websites. It’s the effort that goes on behind the scenes to make a website seem good, run well, and provide a consistent user experience. Web developers use a range of code languages to create a good website. Additionally, the languages they use are determined by the jobs they’re performing and the platforms they’re using. Now that you understand what website development is all about, let’s directly dive into WordPress CRM.

What is WordPress CRM? 

Before talking about WordPress CRM, let’s have a look at what a CRM tool is all about. So, customer relationship management software is a technology that helps one organize customer data and provide faster customer support across your organization. And WordPress CRM is such a tool that helps businesses do the same. It’s quite evident that WordPress began as a blogging platform in 2003 and has since grown to become the most popular content management system (CMS) on the market. WordPress has positioned itself as a leader in the business, powering approximately 34% of all websites on the internet as of September 2019.

WordPress is a free and open-source platform, and all of the software created on top of it is also free and open source. Using an open-source system (as CRM) can bring several advantages that are not available with other forms of software. One of the best things about open source software is that the code is readily readable and may be used, copied, and modified by anybody. This makes CRM software easier for programmers to comprehend, alter, and extend. And there’s a lot more.

Perks of using WordPress CRM in website development

WordPress has been able to expand its features by employing web development services to build truly remarkable business and professional websites because of its gradual growth. As a result, it’s no surprise that this platform now powers more than 32% of all websites. As a result, it’s safe to assume that WordPress is used by a large number of IT companies.

Here are a few key benefits that every level of WordPress development firm makes use of:

  • Easy interface

One of the essential features that have made WordPress CMS so popular is its user-friendly interface, especially for beginners. Because all a WordPress site needs is a domain address and a web hosting account, it’s easier to get started with the program in minutes and also quicker for anyone to become a master just by playing around with it. Users can easily alter settings, work with new themes, add pages, and so on through an inbuilt dashboard, and the possibilities are unlimited.

  • Less coding needed

WordPress sites are always preferred by search engines due to the platform’s minimum code. However, thanks to the additional user-friendly capabilities provided by this CMS, all hard work may be completed with almost no effort. Minimal code is required for tasks such as producing draughts, amending posts, and managing content.

  • Search engine optimization friendly

It’s no secret that search engines like WordPress because of their clean and straightforward code. This makes it easier for search engines to understand and index the material on the page. Additionally, WordPress provides customizable SEO components for each page to aid in securing a high search ranking and exposure to your website.

Furthermore, WordPress gives you an understanding of how your website is working with reports and statistics that show your online activity, as well as how you may grow your business by making strategic decisions.

  • High-level efficiency

In the software world, there is nothing more enticing than a functional, fast-loading website. Because WordPress runs on Windows, Linux, and Unix-like operating systems, its user interface is relatively fluid, allowing users to construct websites quickly while avoiding issues. As a result, WordPress is one of the most effective pieces of software available.

  • Plugins available

Plugins are akin to a side dish served alongside the main course. These tools can be added to a user’s web pages to improve or add more features for a more pleasant user experience. A user’s social network handles, such as Twitter, Facebook Fan Box, Instagram page, and so on, can be readily added. It also allows customers to easily contact and provide feedback to business owners through a variety of methods.

Bottom line

Overall, creating a best-in-class website is crucial for any industry’s success. When it comes to building and developing a new website, there are numerous platforms to choose from, one of which is the extremely adaptable WordPress CRM. Building a website used to be difficult, but thanks to open-source platforms like WordPress, Content Administration Systems (CMS) have developed from hated applications to one of the most significant online management tools in the digital environment.

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