WordPress Websites | 14 April, 2022

Why Choose WordPress development for your Business Website?

It’s 2022, and websites have become an inevitable part of any business. Needless to explain how the pandemic showed beyond doubt the necessity of online presence for every business. Business owners are increasingly understanding the importance of websites that have a direct impact on success.

When researching websites, you would have come across a lot about WordPress. WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular website builders in the world. The reason for this is because it is open-source software. Let’s dive in to explore more about how WordPress can be the right choice for your business website.

What is WordPress?

Simply put, WordPress is a free content management system that has a rich website builder loved by novices and experts alike. If you are a business owner, this is an ideal tool to build and manage your websites. It’s hard to not appreciate the highly customizable features WordPress offers. WordPress is now used by 43% of the websites in the world. Be it a business portfolio website or an e-commerce store, anything can be built with WordPress.

Why is WordPress right for you?

Though WordPress is not the only CMS available in the market, it’s the widely used one. There are several features that are exclusive to why you should choose WordPress. Let’s focus on some of the top reasons business owners choose WordPress.

1. Open source and free

As we stated before, WordPress is an open-source CMS. Open-source refers to a software or tool whose code is available to the public to develop, modify or share. This code can be customized according to your individual needs. You are free to download and install WordPress on your web server, which gives you total control of your website. A domain name and web hosting are all you need before starting.

2. Flexible and reliable

Since WordPress is extremely customizable, it can be used for both simple and complex websites. WordPress supports plugins and widgets in case of any feature like integrating a calendar or your Twitter account to your website. Most people who make WordPress websites are not professionals. WordPress can do wonders if it’s in the hands of developers. Any feature is possible with this, and it’s totally up to you about how you want to use this.

3. Security and safety

It’s safe to say that WordPress is a very secure platform. As it goes, if anything is popular, it’s likely to attract a lot of attention. It’s the same with WordPress as it might attention from hackers. WordPress provides a secure way to log in and log out of your admin panel. For additional and enhanced security, you can even add plugins to your website. It’s important to immediately update your WordPress whenever an update is available, as they come with security enhancements. If you are selling something and collecting sensitive information from your customers, it’s crucial to add an SSL certificate to your website.

4. Simple and easy

WordPress is the most beloved CMS because of its ease of use. It is very user friendly, and the platform itself is built to be highly intuitive. Everything can be set up in just a matter of a few minutes and a few clicks. After setting up, you can go to the dashboard to access all the tools necessary like text editors, page and post creators, media file uploaders, and other formatting tools. Be it a new blog post or a new page of the website content, all you have to do is go to the editor and type. Once you finish, hit save, and your website is live immediately. We offer WordPress development services to businesses of all sizes.

5. Search engine friendly

SEO is one of the important things that need to be in your mind right from the beginning. Right from the installation, WordPress websites are SEO-friendly as they are designed in such a way that search engines find it incredibly easy to crawl around them. If you want some advanced SEO features, then WordPress allows you to install plugins that can help you determine keywords, meta titles, descriptions, and so on. They also give you detailed insights into the content and monitor the performance of the website.

6. Mobile-friendly and fast

Mobile-friendly websites rank higher, and Google makes sure all its top search results are mobile-friendly and load fast. WordPress is mobile-friendly out of the box because all the themes that come out in 2022 are responsive in all screen resolutions, and this is done automatically.

7. Social media and 3rd party integration

WordPress makes it simple for people to directly comment on your website from their social media accounts. They don’t need a separate login to interact with your blog posts. Other integrations like email and SMS marketing campaigns, newsletter campaigns are also possible with the integration of 3rd party software. Payment integrations like Stripe, PayPal can be added to the website as well.

Is WordPress right for your business?

It’s worth noting that many popular brands like Wired, Vogue, TechCrunch, and Sony Music are using WordPress for their websites. That is because of the wide range of use cases these CMS possess.

Looking at these options, you might be leaning towards having your business website built with WordPress. You can look at other website options available for you. But with the right tools, WordPress is the best option to create a website. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert developer, WordPress is the right choice, and we highly recommend this top CMS.

If you’d like to have a website built in WordPress and if you need the help of our experts, you can contact us.

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