WordPress Websites | 16 April, 2022

Why WordPress Is One of the Best Platforms for Website Development

In today’s digital age, everyone wants to read and create news and ideas about themselves and others. One who understands his way around the digital world and does not pay technical personnel for the same goal is a smart person. Every entrepreneur wants to develop his establishment on a global platform to represent his enterprise. Even some technical experts like doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, and business personnel want to showcase their expertise, knowledge, and experience in the global market.

For this purpose, website development is one of the best ways to share a person’s ideas, views, products, and organization. Every aspiring entrepreneur wants to create and develop his website, and it has become necessary to explore the mediums through an organization, or a person that can create his website.

Here comes WordPress, the best platform for people willing to share their organizational strengths and performance with a larger audience through digital platforms. Over 455 million sites use WordPress globally. It is very flexible and simple to develop features and functions of any project.

WordPress is an ideal platform to promote or develop individual or multiple commercial websites. It is a wonderful place to grow your website traffic and scale as per your requirement. As WordPress comes with its updates, one can shift to the latest version of the website.

WordPress for whom?

People who want to create, launch, explore and develop new things can fully utilize this platform. It is easy to use, and, with basic knowledge of technology, one can easily deal with a steep learning curve. WordPress is the best platform for individuals who don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of doing it all themselves.

Further, WordPress is highly scalable and flexible. It is easy to expand a website’s functionality according to your needs with extensions access. For instance, bloggers can use WordPress for their personal or business use. The blog is WordPress’s specialty.

Entrepreneurs also use this platform. It supported 14.7% of the top 100 business websites in 2020.

WordPress is also useful for e-commerce. You can manage all your transactions and inventory. Moreover, it is also useful for forums. It provides a platform for users and online communities to organize discussions about specific subjects and matters.

WordPress provides an information portal. People can share, manage and discuss the information among members of a group or community through online conferences or communications.

WordPress is also used as a job portal. People can publish and promote their job vacancies through this platform.

How does WordPress work?

WordPress is a reputable Content Management System (CMS) and popular website building platform.

The WordPress website development plan includes both hosting and a domain name. It may also have a sub-domain in the free plan. It allows you to build a website after registering the account. Function-wise, it is a better platform to scale your business using themes and plugins upon installation.

Furthermore, it is a self-hosted platform, and you only have to sign up for a hosting service and get a domain name first before launching the website. It is a free and open-source content management system with all the features to build all website types.

WordPress is an open-source software, and you can modify it as per your need. You can also create and install plugins and themes, as well as directly change the website through code. Without having to know how to code, you may customise three elements: content, appearance, and functionality.

Content is the matter of what you want to upload to the website, which may be for personal use or public consumption, such as blog posts. The website’s appearance is determined by the theme installed. Meanwhile, its capabilities are expandable via plugins.

You can add your posts or page in this section, but both are different. Posts are contents shown in reverse order. You can find them in blogs that reflect user interaction.

Steps to paste new post in WordPress 

1. Navigate to dashboard for posts and click on add new

2. Add the new content to the editor. Format it and list the tag and category.

3. Click preview, check it, and then press publish.

The page shows the static content. They are not time-sensitive. They do not expire and don’t have a publish date, nor do they require frequent updates.

Steps to paste new page in WordPress

1. Navigate on the dashboard for pages and click on add new

2. Add the new content to the editor. Set it in the page attribute section.

3. Click preview to check how it looks. Press Publish.

How to start with WordPress ?

WordPress is a self-hosted platform. So, invest in web hosting first. There are a lot of hosting services at different prices. You should consider the ease of use, features, customer support, and security of the service for an optimal hosting experience. Digital Glyphs offers you the best service by providing value for money. You can visit our website to check out our services, products, and brands.

We have a dedicated and hardworking professional team. We value our customers and offer very attractive and economical hosting plans at competitive prices ‒ perfect for people new to the web development world and looking to create a simple website.

Why choose us?

Digital Glyphs burns the midnight oil to complete the job on time. Digital Glyphs has believed in integrity since its very beginning as the core base, which has developed the company to the place it is standing today.

Digital Glyphs offers high-quality WordPress website development for utmost satisfaction to the customers. We also design and develop the e-commerce website for the growth and business of our customers. We are the fastest growing Website and App development agency with high-tech quality website creation, app development, and result-driven SEO services in India.

To establish a concrete long-term relationship with our consumers, we go to any extent and bring the relevant transparency, reliability, and hard work to satisfy each client with our job. Digital Glyphs have proved their credibility to all their customers. Please visit our website and give us a chance to serve you better.

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